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When you go backpacking, in addition to a tent, sleeping bag, and backpack, you’ll need a lot of other gear.

It’s dry sacks, stuff sacks, a sleeping bag liner, a thermos, a microfiber hiking towel, and an extra set of pegs or guilines. You should plan everything to the smallest detail in advance and buy the necessary accessories for your backaking trip.

Such accessories are lightweight because they are designed specifically for backpacking. To keep your belongings dry during the rain, you need several dry sacks. For example, one for clothes and another for electronics and other small things. A liner will help keep your sleeping bag clean and make your sleeping system warmer. A special microfiber towel is much lighter and more compact than a cotton towel. It also absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Down socks will help keep your feet warm while your boots are drying. These and other hiking accessories you can buy in the ROCK FRONT shop with delivery to the UK, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and all over the world.

Why should you buy backpacking accessories by ROCK FRONT?

  • Lightweight and compact. ROCK FRONT accessories are designed specifically for hiking and backpacking, where every gram and compactness is important.
  • Advanced materials. We use advanced materials such as ultra-lightweight waterproof fabrics and high-quality goose down.
  • Warranty. We use ROCK FRONT accessories during our own travels and constantly improve them. Also, all our products are covered by a 1-year warranty.
  • Worldwide delivery. You can buy accessories for backpacking with delivery to the UK, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Holland, Sweden and worldwide in the ROCK FRONT shop.
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How to protect yourself and your belongings from rain while hiking? Top 5 accessories for rainy weather.
A dry sack will keep your belongings dry even in a rainstorm. A rain skirt is an ideal solution for summer. It protects your legs from the rain and provides good ventilation. Raincover is designed to protect your backpack from rain and dirt. A poncho-tarp protects both you and your backpack from the rain. It can also be used as a shelter. Waterproof socks will keep your feet dry even if your shoes are already wet.
How to sleep comfortably while backpacking? Top 5 accessories for sleeping outdoors.
An inflatable pillow is very lightweight and will make your sleep comfortable, just like at home A sheet for sleeping mat is pleasant to the body and has a pillowcase. A liner will keep your sleeping bag clean and add warmth. A down hood will make sleeping in the quilt much warmer. Down socks are a great find for people who get cold feet.