Tarps and shelters

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It is a multipurpose outdoor gear item that can replace a tent and provide a comfortable outdoor experience.

This lightweight backpacking tarp allows you to quickly set up shelter from the rain and sun, making it useful for picnics and long hiking trips. The best way to buy an ultralight tarp in the ROCK FRONT online shop. We offer high-quality tarps and lightweight shelters that will make your trip comfortable and your backpack lighter!

How to use a tarp while backpacking?

An ultralight backpacking tarp is the perfect shelter for summer travel. If insects bother you, you can buy a mosquito-proof mesh tent.

An ultralight tarp is also the best option for arranging a hiking kitchen, storage space, and temporary shelter if you are caught in the rain right on the trail – it can be set up in minutes.

Reasons to buy ultralight backpacking tarp

Lightweight. The design without zippers and poles makes the lightweight tarp several times lighter than a classic tent. This is a great advantage during long routes.

Compactness. Made of ultra-lightweight fabrics, tarp will not take up much space in your backpack. It folds into a small pouch, it is smaller than a half-liter bottle of water.

Multifunctionality. Tarp is a place for sleeping and resting, protection from the sun and rain, storage for food and backpacks with belongings. Also, such a lightweight shelter can be unfolded in a few minutes and quickly hide from the weather.

Affordable price. Backpacking tarps are made of advanced materials, but they do not require advanced sewing technology, so they are usually cheaper than tents. We offer ultra-lightweight backpacking tarps and shelters from the Ukrainian manufacturer ROCK FRONT with delivery to the UK, Germany, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, Sweden, and worldwide.

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Which tarp size to choose?
The main factor for choosing the size is the type of trip and the number of travelers. A 3x2 meter tarp will be enough for one person as the main shelter for the night. Under such a tarp, 2-3 people can hide from the rain. For overnight stay of two people, the tarp should be 3x3 meters or larger. Under such tarp, you can hide from the rain with a group of 4-5 people.
What is the difference between Sil and PU coatings on tarp fabric?
The most ultralight tarps are made of nylon or polyester with waterproof coating. The coating can be polyurethane, silicone or combined double coating – Sil/PU (outside\inside). Most lightweight tarps are made of nylon with double-sided silicone coating. Seams on tarps with polyurethane coating can be taped with a special tape, so they are completely waterproof. If the tarps fabric has a double-sided siliconized coating, the seams are usually not glued. However, due to the properties of the fabric, the seams on such tarps do not leak. Even if the seam starts to leak, it can be sealed with a special silicone glue.