Sleeping bags

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One of the most important things in a backpack is a sleeping bag. A comfortable sleep during your trip depends on this thing.

We are experts in outdoor equipment and will help you choose and buy a sleeping bag that will give you comfort every night.

Types of sleeping bags

We produce sleeping bags of various shapes, but our own unique design is in the greatest demand.

The feature of our design is that it is a mummy sleeping bag that has a long zipper and can be turned into a blanket.

This design combines the advantages of both types of sleeping bags. When it’s cool and you need to keep warm as much as possible, you get a mummy sleeping bag that follows the anatomy of your body. If it gets too warm, the sleeping bag easily turns into a blanket,

In addition, our sleeping bags can be connected to each other or used as a quilt and an underquilt.

So, by purchasing one item, you get a solution for several types of travel at once.

Temperature rating of the sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are classified into summer, three-season, and winter, but this classification is relative.

For example, in the mountains in summer there are extreme temperature changes, so you can get cold in a summer sleeping bag. The best indicator is the temperature rating. This is the temperature for which the sleeping bag is made.

  • Max – the temperature at which a person can comfortably spend the night in an unzipped sleeping bag.
  • Comfort – the temperature at which an average woman will not feel cold in a zipped sleeping bag.
  • Limit – the temperature at which an average man will not feel cold in a zipped sleeping bag.
  • Extreme – the temperature at which there is a threat to life due to hypothermia.

When choosing a sleeping bag, we recommend focusing on the comfort temperature.

Which sleeping bag to choose: down or synthetic

There are two types of insulation for sleeping bags: down and synthetic. Synthetic ones are easier to care for and cheaper. Buying a synthetic sleeping bag is a good solution for beginner hikers, or if you don’t use products of animal origin for one reason or another.

Natural down is definitely the best insulation, but before you buy a down sleeping bag, we advise you to look into the types of filling. Sleeping bags can be filled with duck or goose down. Goose down is considered the best in terms of its properties.

The quality of the down is determined by the Fill Power indicator. It shows how voluminous and airy the down is.

For example, 550 FP down is used in urban clothing and in budget equipment series. A sleeping bag with FP 600-750 down will be quite warm and compact. Above 750 FP are high-quality down products with the best warmth-to-weight ratio.

Our down sleeping bags are insulated with 800 and 870+ Fill Power goose down. Goose down from Ukraine is considered one of the best in the world. Our insulation has a special hydrophobic treatment, thanks to which it stays dry for a long time, even in wet conditions.

Why it is better to buy a down sleeping bag?

  • down sleeping bags are about 30-40% lighter than synthetic ones
  • down insulation is well compressed, so the sleeping bag takes up much less space in your backpack
  • with proper care, a down sleeping bag can serve much longer than a synthetic one

Sleeping bag fabric

Most modern sleeping bags are made of nylon or polyester. These are lightweight fabrics that are perfectly downproof and dry quickly.

The outer fabric with water-repellent properties will be an advantage. In this case, the sleeping bag will be protected from condensation and other moisture from the outside.

In our sleeping bags we use thin technological fabrics – nylon and polyester. Our experts select the most pleasant fabrics for the body, without any substances harmful to humans. Our materials are OEKO-Tex certified.

How to choose the right size of sleeping bag

It is very important to choose the right size of sleeping bag. A sleeping bag that is too small will be uncomfortable, and a sleeping bag that is too big will be heavier, bulkier, and less warm.

Our sleeping bags are represented in 7 different sizes. This is one of the widest size lines of sleeping bags in the world.

To determine your size correctly, just enter your parameters (height, shoulder and hip circumference) and the system will select the perfect size for you.

Why you should buy a ROCK FRONT sleeping bag

  • Our sleeping bags are made of carefully selected materials, and we use high-quality goose down as insulation
  • Our sleeping bags have a unique design, which makes them comfortable and multifunctional
  • We have one of the widest size lines – 7 sizes for any height and body type
  • In our store you can buy down sleeping bag with delivery to the UK, Germany, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, Sweden, and worldwide.
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What are the special features of ROCK FRONT sleeping bags?
Multifunctionality. The unique design of ROCK FRONT sleeping bags allows you to turn it into a blanket, fasten it together, use it as a quilt or underquilt for a hammock. Materials. In most models we use natural goose down 800 and 870+ Fill Power. This is one of the best insulation in the world, so our sleeping bags are warm, light and compact. Size range. We produce sleeping bags in 7 sizes to fit any height and body type.
Which is the best sleeping bag: down or synthetic?
If you need a sleeping bag for hiking, bikepacking, mountaineering, then choose a sleeping bag with down insulation. It's lighter and more compact, and with proper care, it will last much longer than synthetic sleeping bags. If you're looking for a cheap sleeping bag for a beginner, for camping or for the military, it's better to choose a synthetic sleeping bag. Such models are easier to care for.
How to choose a sleeping bag?
The first thing you need to pay attention to is the temperature rating. Be focused on the comfort temperature and limit - this is the temperature range at which you will be warm. The second is the size of the sleeping bag. A large sleeping bag will retain heat worse, and a small one will be uncomfortable. In order to choose the right size, enter your parameters into a special calculator and the program will choose the best size for you.
How to store and how to care for a down sleeping bag?
To keep the insulation in its properties for a long time, you should store your down sleeping bag at home in a special mesh bag that comes with the kit. When hiking, you should dry your sleeping bag well after sleeping. There is a separate article on how to wash a down sleeping bag in our blog.