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Nowadays, hikers are more and more often using quilts instead of sleeping bags. A quilt is a lightweight sleeping bag that is fastened to a sleeping mat and forms a complete sleeping system with it.

We’ve been developing quilts and other hiking equipment for a long time and will help you choose and buy a quilt that will give you real home comfort while sleeping outdoors.

What is a quilt?

When you sleep in a sleeping bag, the insulation under you compresses and stops retaining heat. That is, only the mat under your back keeps you warm. In order to avoid carrying extra insulation that does not do its job, hikers decided to simply remove it. This is how the quilt was created. Its a sleeping bag without a back and a hood. There are different ways to fix a quilt on a mat. Usually, it is fastened with elastic bands and buttons or buckles.

Types of quilts

There are 2 main types of quilts by design:

Sleeping bag type quilt. The design is very similar to a sleeping bag, but without a back, hood, and zipper. Such quilts have an anatomical foot box and attach to the mat with special fittings. This design is classic and most effective in keeping you warm.

Blanket type quilt. This is the same quilt, but it has a zipper and drawstring at the bottom. The advantage of this design is that it can be turned into a blanket and can be used by one or two people.

You can buy quilts of both of these types, as well as quilts of our own unique design.

What is the features of ROCK FRONT quilts?

Our quilt consists of a warm down blanket and a sheet for a sleeping mat. They are zipped together to form a comfortable sleeping place. The mat keeps you warm from below, and the down blanket keeps you warm on the sides and top.

This design keeps the heat as efficiently as possible. It is completely tight, so even during active movements during sleep, cold air cannot get inside. If it becomes too hot, you can open one zipper, two zippers, or open the drawstring in the leg area. This way, you can adjust the temperature anywhere in the sleeping system, which is especially important in summer.

The sheet has a special pillow case that securely fixes the pillow in one position. Any soft thing can be used instead of an inflatable pillow.

The blanket can be used without a sheet as a classic quilt or as an underquilt for a hammock.

Our quilt has become popular in Ukraine and now you can buy ultralight down quilt with delivery to the UK, Germany, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, Sweden, and worldwide.

Down and synthetic quilts

We use both synthetic and natural insulation for our quilts.

Synthetic insulation is easy to wash and performs well in wet conditions. However, the downside is that any synthetic is heavier than natural down.

Down quilts are warm, light and compact at the same time. Goose down is one of the world’s best insulation.

Fill Power is an indicator of the airy and quality of down. A higher Fill Power means a more lightweight and warm quilt. In ROCK FRONT quilts, we use high-quality goose down 800 and 870+ Fill Power.

In our online shop you can buy a down or synthetic quilt with delivery to the USA, UK, Latvia, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Netherlands all over the world.

Why a quilt is better than a sleeping bag?

  • Weight. Thanks to its minimalist design, the quilt is lighter than a sleeping bag, but retains heat as well.
  • Space and comfort. The quilt has more space and can be adjusted. Also, since the blanket is attached to the mat, you can spin in the quilt as you like and it will not twist.
  • Multifunctionality. Depending on the design, the quilt can be used as a blanket for one or two people, as an underquilt for a hammock.
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What is the difference between a quilt and a sleeping bag?
A quilt is a lightweight sleeping bag without a hood and insulation on the back. It wraps around you from the top and sides, and a sleeping mat keeps you warm underneath. This allows you to both reduce weight and keep you warm. The quilts are attached to the mat with elastic bands and buckles.
What are the features of ROCK FRONT quilts?
In addition to classic design quilts, you can buy a quilt of our unique design. This is a sleeping system that looks more like a travel bed, which has a blanket, a sheet and even a case for a pillow. The blanket and sheet are zipped together. This quilt is lightweight, compact and spacious, which ensures a comfortable sleep in a comfortable position. We recommend such quilts for traveling in the summer.
How to choose a quilt?
The first step is to choose a temperature regime. You should be focused on the comfort temperature (for women) and limit (for men). These temperatures should be close to the night temperature in your hike. The best insulation for quilts is down. It is durable, lightweight, and keeps you warm. As an alternative, you can use synthetic insulation. Choose a quilt made of synthetic fabrics such as nylon or polyester because they are lighter, stronger, and dry quicker than organic ones. Also, pay attention to the size. The right size is the key to a comfortable sleep.
How to care for a down quilt?
When hiking, do not be lazy and dry the quilt well after sleeping. To keep the insulation for a long time, store the down quilt at home in a special mesh bag that comes with the kit. There is a separate article on how to wash and dry down gear in our blog.