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Choosing clothing for hiking is just as important as choosing equipment like a sleeping bag or tent.

Whether you’re having a picnic in the countryside or going on a winter hike, hiking clothing should protect you from the sun, wind, rain, and cold. We’ve been traveling and designing gear for many years, so we can help you choose and buy hiking clothes that will keep you safe and comfortable.

How to dress when hiking? Three-layer clothing system.

Experienced hikers use a three-layer system, where each layer performs its own function and is layered on top of the previous one.

The first layer is the base layer. Its main function is to remove moisture from the body. It can be synthetic, wool or combined.

The middle layer is insulation. The function of the middle layer is to keep your body warm. Fleece, synthetic fiber insulation and organic down are used for insulation. Down-insulated clothing is very lightweight, warm and compact. You can buy insulated down clothing for hiking in our online shop ROCK FRONT. We use high quality 870+ Fill Power goose down and carefully selected fabrics in our products.

Here you will find technologically advanced down jackets, down pants, down shorts and other hiking and backpacking clothing that you can buy with delivery to the UK, Germany, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, Sweden, and worldwide.

The outer layer is a protection against harsh weather conditions. Depending on the climate and weather conditions, membrane jackets and pants, windbreakers, raincoats, and ponchos are used as the outer layer.

Using the multi-layering concept, you can put on or take off the necessary layer if the weather suddenly changes. This way, you will be protected from all weather conditions and will be able to enjoy your trip.

Why should you buy ROCK FRONT hiking clothing?

  • We use technological materials, including natural 870+ Fill Power down.
  • We use only the best fittings from such brands as YKK, Woojin, Duraflex and others. That’s why our clothes are durable.
  • We design hiking clothing within the concept of layering, so it is easy to combine it with other brands
  • We have extensive travel experience, test every item and continuously improve our equipment.
  • We ship to the UK, Germany, USA, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands, Sweden, and worldwide. Free delivery for orders from 100 €.
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How to dress for hiking or backpacking?
For hiking, we recommend dressing on the principle of layering. The base layer should wick away moisture and improve thermoregulation. The middle insulating layer should keep your body warm. It can be a fleece jacket or a down sweater. The outer layer should protect you from wind and rain. This can be a poncho raincoat, windbreaker or membrane jacket and pants. Dressed according to this principle, you can safely go on a trip without fear of weather surprises.
What is the special feature of hiking clothes from ROCK FRONT?
We use technological materials, including high-quality goose down. This is one of the best insulators in the world. This makes our clothes very warm, light and compact. To make our clothes more durable, we use only the best fittings from such brands as YKK, Woojin, Duraflex. Our clothes are designed within the concept of layering, so they can easily be combined with clothes from other brands. We also travel all the time, testing every item and continuously improving our equipment.
What clothes to take on a winter hike?
We have designed a complete line of insulated clothing for winter hiking. The most important thing in winter hiking is a warm down jacket that will protect you from the cold. To prevent cold in the legs, we have developed down pants, shorts and a skirt that can be put on in seconds. Don't forget about your head, hands and feet. We have down socks, a down hat and down mittens to keep them warm. The advantage of down clothing is that it is very light and compact, warms quickly, and takes up minimal space in your backpack.